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If you are looking for unique product specially for your company, we can offer you wide range of private label products - any kind of beverage or dietary supplement can be prepared for very short time. Let us introduce you to the phases of the process.

1. Idea for the

If you have an original idea, we can make a concept per your instructions. In coordination with development and marketing department we can develop desired product.

You can always choose from our existing projects which we will adapt to fit your market requirements.

2. Juice recipe

Our company has large portfolio of various product flavors with up to 12% fruit content. You  can choose any of our existing product recipes, we can adapt one for you or we can mix up a recipe per your specific requirements.

ur products already have longer shelf life from most in our category but our colleagues from production department can adjust the recipe to conform with your shelf life requirements.

3. Label & bottle design

You can choose one of our existing products or provide us with an idea or an example and we can adapt it to fit your specific needs.

4. Premium

Our marketing department can help you design any kind of premium you want for your product, coordinate with a producer and import it for implementation on your product.

5. Production process

In coordination with you, we order raw materials, print the labels, produce the bottles, fill and label them, pack and ship it.

6. Shipping

Serbia has signed an interim trade agreement with the EU providing its products free access to the EU markets and vice versa (no added import taxes). Goods can be shipped in any country worldwide, we posses all needed certificates for production, anything specific for your requirements can be provided.





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