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About us

BAHUS doo se više od tri decenije bavi proizvodnjom visokokvalitetnih gaziranih i negaziranih osvežavajućih pića. Proizvodi kompanije BAHUS danas su dostupni na čitavoj teritoriji Srbije preko prepoznatljivog brenda Na eks. 


Since August 1991, BAHUS has been operating as a SMALL craft shop for the production of carbonated beverages in glass packaging. Soon after that, a significant investment in the construction of a new production plant, with new and modern equipment, begins.

All this led to the improvement of the quality of the product, so BAHUS takes a leading position on the local market of refreshing drinks at the transition to the new millennium.



Bahus today represents one of the leading domestic companies in the production of non-alcoholic refreshing drinks. Constant investments in technology achieve a high level of product quality. This fact is supported by the possession of the SRPS ISO 9001 certificate. Parallel to the development of the company, the distribution network also developed. As much as 95% of the products to the end customers are transported by our own vehicles. Bahus owns light and heavy trucks in its fleet.

The Bahus company today has business premises at two addresses, with a total area of ​​more than 7,300 square meters. BAHUS employs more than 130 professional workers, who are one of the main factors of the company's continuous progress.






A vision

Through continuous technological improvement, expansion of the range of unique products and constant concern for their top quality, along with innovative and effective marketing, ensure the recognition of brands from the product range of BAHUS ltd and increase market share.


The mission of BAHUS ltd is to contribute with its products to the improvement of product quality and health safety of consumers, to meet the needs of customers, employees and society as a whole while nurturing a family spirit and intimacy in business.

BAHUS ltd achieves its mission through expert work, continuous innovation in production lines, development of new products conditioned by the demands and needs of consumers, and innovation of services and procedures in work and business processes.

The mission determined the necessary guidelines to guide employees in achieving the effects necessary for the successful work, development and survival of the company BAHUS doo on the market, as a company with its own identity and a recognizable image.

Our guiding principles:

  • - Improving the quality of products and services 
  • Continuous production of safe products
  • - Teamwork in achieving goals 
  • - Treating employees with loyalty, honesty and respect
  • - Focusing on markets where we can provide leadership 
  • - Developing partnership relationships with our suppliers and customers 
  • Respecting the cultural peculiarities of our employees and the laws of our country, just like the laws of other countries in which we do business 
  • - Making decisions based on facts 
  • - Making clear quality goals and aspirations that the management of the quality system in BAHUS ltd ensures constant fulfillment and exceeding of the demands of customers and users 


Water from own well

The quality of water significantly affects the quality of each beverage, and the process of their production begins with water. For the production of refreshing non-alcoholic drinks that are part of the NA EKS brand, the BAHUS company uses water from its own 165-meter-deep wells. The health protection institute from Ćuprija, as well as the "Batut" health protection institute, check the quality of this water on regular bases. Before it is used in the production of our drinks, the water from the well passes through filters that further purifies it.


Preparation of syrup

The sugar solution is stored in tanks. Depending on the type of drink, base, aromas, emulsion, vitamins and other ingredients are added here. In this way, a syrup is obtained which, by mixing with water in the appropriate proportion, gives the finished product.


Its capacity is almost the same as the filling machines, i.e. 20,000 liters/h. Also, it is made by the German manufacturer KHS. This machine is fully automated and ensures a high level of product quality. “Antun Par” device is installed on the machine, which is responsible for controlling the percentage of dry matter and the content of carbon dioxide in the product.

Production of PET packaging

Since the policy of the Bahus company is such that it emphasizes rounding off the entire production process, it also owns two machines that make its own PET packaging. They are made by Italian manufacturers SIPA SFL4 and SIAPA SFL6 and have a capacity of 7,500 bottles/h of PET packaging of 2l and 9,000 bottles/h of 0.5l. Packaging made in this way goes through the process of washing and disinfection. Beverage and PET packaging are transported to the filling machine.


Filling machine

This machine is of the KHS brand, which comes from Germany and represents the absolute leader in the production of these machines. It represents the most modern generation of machines in this area, and the fact that it is able to meet the norm of 20,000 l/h speaks best about its capacities. It has automatic control of the dosage of the beverage into the packaging, both for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. In addition to the basic features, it also has CHECK MAT technology that records each individual bottle in order to eliminate those with irregularities.


Closed bottles are automatically transported for labeling. The machine that performs this stage of production comes from the German manufacturer KRONES. Its capacity is 18,000 bottles/h. In addition to the basic features, it also has CHECK MAT technology that records each individual bottle to eliminate those with incorrect labels.





After labeling, the product is packed in packs of 6 to 12 bottles and after that the robot packs the packs into packs.

Constant investments reflect the success with which the Bahus company has been operating for almost two decades. The company strives to advance in the capacity and quality of its products in order to be more competitive both on the domestic and foreign markets.


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