„Juicy“ impressions from PLMA Amsterdam exhibition


Bahus company, with its main brands Na eks and Jumpy, had its first exhibition on PLMA Amsterdam this year, presenting wide pallet of beverage packaging for kids and adults, with innovative design and recipes according to world class standards.



Visitors have shown special interest in small packaging and with additional value in the form of special packaging and functions, like 60ml shots with different functions, especially products like Collagen shot, Slim fit shot and After party shot hangover beverage.


Furthermore, kids product have attracted a lot of attention, especially licensed products like Sponge Bob Squarepants, The Smurfs and Paw patrol, but also our own Jumpy soft drink with gift eraser in animal shapes, that comes with the product. Jumpy beverages, like all other products in our portfolio, are produced with regard to world class quality standards with best possible experience of our final consumers and business partners in mind.


 Some of these products are already being marketed in Benelux and Australia.


Our international team invests a lot of energy to improve every exhibition and to present more innovations in beverage industry so our potential business partners will acknowledge our company as loyal and trustworthy associate.


See you during our next exhibition at Anuga Cologne 5.-9. October 2019.



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