Vision and mission

The vision of BAHUS doo means ensuring the recognition of brands from the production range of BAHUS doo through new ideas and new products and with the highest quality professional staff, thus increasing its market share.  


                 Bahus company mission

vizija i misija na eks bahus

The mission of Bahus doo is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of nutrition and health safety of consumers through its products and to satisfy the needs of consumers, employees and society as a whole. BAHUS doo achieves its mission through professional engagement, constant innovations in production lines, development of new products conditioned by consumer needs and demands and the innovation of services and procedures in the processes of work and operation.


Our leading principles are as follows:
1) Improving the quality of products and services;
2) Teamwork in achieving the objectives;
3) Treating the employees with loyalty, honesty and respect;
4) Focus on markets where we can ensure leading positions;
5) Developing partnerships with our suppliers and customers;
6) Respect of ethnic characteristics of employees and compliance with the laws of our country, as well as the laws of other countries where we operate;
7) Adoption of clear quality objectives and pursuit of quality system management at BAHUS doo which meets and exceeds the requirements of SRPS ISO 9001:2008 standard, IFS V6, and RECOMMENDED INTERNATIONAL CODE OD PRACTICE GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF FOOD HYGIENE CAC/RCP, Rev.4-2003.