When it comes to the quality management system, the company BAHUS complies with the standard SRPS ISO 9001:2008 in the process of production. When the issue of food safety management is concerned, the international standard RECOMMENDED INTERNATIONAL CODE OF PRACTICE GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF FOOD HYGIENE CAC / RCP, 1-1969, rev. 4-2003 is applied.

Why is the food safety management system important?

BAHUS company has established the food safety management system in accordance with the aforementioned standards and this is important for end consumers for several reasons. First of all, it is certain that all possible hazards related to the production process are known and controlled, so they can in no way cause harm to consumers.

The food safety management system of the company BAHUS adequately deals with all factors within the production and distribution systems as such which could affect food safety. With the use of adequate analysis, it is possible to identify possible threats and hazards, and the establishment of the food safety management system determines the means for their elimination, or

for keeping them under control. CCP plans (Critical Control Points) are prepared precisely in order to control the identified hazards, all based on the determination of critical control points (points with the possibility of occurrence of risk).


The entire process, from production through distribution, to the end user, is accompanied by the documentation, which ensures the good connection of all factors of the system related to the food safety. 

The quality management system and the food safety management system constantly lead to increase in the level of their effectiveness. This is achieved through certain mechanisms such as the measurement of customer satisfaction, internal audit, management’s review as well

as many corrective and preventive measures. 

Through the establishment, implementation and compliance with the quality management and product safety management systems, BAHUS not only raised the quality of its non-alcoholic beverages and fruit juices to a very high level, but it also ensured that this quality could only be higher in the future.