On its way to becoming the leading manufacturer of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages in Serbia, BAHUS strictly maintains that the product must gain the trust of customers above all through its quality and safety. In regard to that, we strive to increase the satisfaction of our customers from day to day.


labaratorija na eks bahus

The fact that BAHUS always implements advanced technology and follows the highest standards of safety and product quality during the production of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages plays an important part in that. Constant specialization of employees is also required, and BAHUS does everything to motivate them to gain new knowledge and achieve even better results. Last but not least, BAHUS takes care of the safety and health of employees, as well as protecting the environment, throughout the entire production process.

Of course, the production process is in accordance with all legal regulations and standards. The production of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages at BAHUS is in accordance with:
- the quality management system according to the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2001 standard
- the food safety management system and the application of HACCP principles in the production and development of new products
- International Featured Standard-IFS, the international standard for quality and safety control of food
- Food Safety System Certification 22000-FSSC 22000
The aim of these standards is to ensure that the product that reaches the customers is completely safe for their health, which is the BAHUS company philosophy, along with product quality.