Production process


In order to increase the existing capacities, modernize the equipment and reduce losses during the production process, early in 2012 BAHUS doo invested into new equipment for the production of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages (bottler and premix) manufactured by KHS. The modernization process continued in the following year 2013. The new labelling machine manufactured by KRONES with capacity of 18,000 bottles/hour was purchased, and the exploitation of water from the well was upgraded to the capacity of 15 litres per second, and also the paster device was replaced with the one with capacity of 20,000 litres/hour. Moreover, the company BAHUS invested into the device Antun Par for the automated control of dry substance and carbon-dioxide in finished products so that the final product could have constant quality.


Na eks voda iz sopstvenog bunara dubine 165 metara

                        Water from own well

The quality of water significantly affects the quality of each beverage, and water is the starting point of production. BAHUS company uses water from own 165-meter deep well for the production of non-alcoholic beverages which constitute a part of the brand NA EKS. The safety of this water is regularly inspected by the Institute of Public Health from Ćuprija as well as by the Institute of Public Health “Batut”. Before its use for the production of our beverages, water from the well passes through the filters where it gets additionally purified.                                                                                          

Na eks proizvodnja priprema sirupa

                               Preparation of syrup

Sugar solution is stored in tanks. Depending on the type of beverage, this is the place where the base, flavours, emulsions, vitamins and other ingredients are added. This is how the syrup is made which then, after being mixed with water in the appropriate proportion, results in the final product. 


Syrup and water are mixed in a machine manufactured by KHS from Germany called Premix. This fully automated machine can produce 20,000 litres/hour. If a carbonated beverage is produced, the device ANTU PAR is activated in the machine, which constitutes an integral part of the machine and which is intended for automatic control of the level of carbon-dioxide (CO2) in products. Non-carbonated products from Premix must undergo the pasteurization process in a special, pasteurization machine before being sent to a filling machine.

Na eks prozivodnja pravljenje ambalaze

                 Production of PET packaging

During the process of beverage production, Bahus factory concurrently performs the process of production of PET packaging. Machines SIPA and SIAPI manufactured in Italy have the capacity of 7,400 bottles/hour for PET packaging of 2l, and 10,800 bottles/hour for PET packaging of 0.5l.




Proizvodnja PET ambalaze bahus na eks

                Washing of PET packaging

The packaging made as described above then undergoes the process of washing which is performed by using a disinfectant. The packaging caps are washed with a hydrogen peroxide solution.
Finished refreshing non-alcoholic drinks and PET packaging are transported to the filling machine. 


State-of-the-art filling machine

The filling machine owned by BAHUS company is the latest model of the German company KHS which is the world’s leader in the manufacture of machines for this field of business. The capacity of this machine is 20,000l/h. 

proizvodnja na eks bahus paracinna eks bahus paracin

It has the automatic control of liquid dosage in the bottle both for still (non-carbonated) beverages and for carbonated beverages. 


etikete na eks bahus


Closed bottles coming out of the filling machine are automatically sent for labelling. The machine performing this phase of production comes from the German manufacturer KRONES and it was purchased in 2013. Its capacity is 18,000 bottles/hour. In addition to the basic features, it comprises the CHECK MAT technology which records each individual bottle in order to eliminate those with irregular labels. 

na eks bahus paracin



Finished products are sent to the packing machine from where they are sent to distribution centres throughout Serbia.