Light distribution

Light-duty vehicles are extremely suitable for the transportation of small quantities of goods. Their comparative advantage is the speed and the fact that they can come to points which the heavy-duty vehicles must not or could not reach. This relates even to the parts of the cities where the traffic is banned, such as pedestrian precincts, walkways or markets, where light-duty vehicles have access with the special permission of municipal authorities.


transport bahus

The field sales agents of the company BAHUS use light-duty vehicles for visiting our business partners. The maximum amount of goods that can be transported by light-duty vehicles amounts to 450 kilograms. The procurement of such vehicles by the company BAHUS enabled the provision of quality services to its customers even in situations when urgent or emergency delivery of goods is required. All this is performed much faster thanks to the so—called light-duty fleet of the company BAHUS. 

laki transport vozilo bahus

More than 95% beverages produced by the company BAHUS are transported to end customers by our vehicles.