Keeping up with the latest technology is an integral part of the development process at Bahus. In the period since 2012, most of the machines have been completely replaced in order to increase production capacity, as well as the quality of the products. The machines that the company purchases come from renowned companies specialized, and internationally known for making machines for the production of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. The largest number of machines comes from German manufacturers KHS and KRONES.


                                  Filling machine

proizvodnja na eks bahus

A new filling machine was bought in 2012. The machine was made by KHS, a brand which comes from Germany and is the absolute leader in the production of this type of machine. It represents the most advanced generation of machines in this field, and its capacities are best illustrated by the fact that it is able to meet the norm of 20000 l/h. It has automatic control over dosing the beverage into the packaging, for both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

na eks bahus proizvodnja premiks


A machine for mixing syrup and water was bought that same year. Its capacities are practically the same as those of the filling machine, i.e. 20000 liters/h. It was made by German manufacturer KHS as well. This machine is completely automated and ensures a high level of product quality. An Anton Paar device is installed on the machine, in order to control the percentage of dry matter and amount of carbon dioxide in the product. 



na eks krones bahus

                                  Labeling machine

During the following year, 2013, Bahus continued to invest. A labeling machine was bought from renowned manufacturer KRONES. The capacity of this machine is 18000 bottles/h. Just like the other machines, this one is also completely automated, and therefore has the sophisticated CHECK MAT technology which scans each bottle and removes the ones that are improperly marked.


siapi na eks bahus

                      Making PET packaging

Since the Bahus company policy puts an emphasis on rounding out the complete production process, the company also owns two machines for making its own PET packaging. They were made by Italian manufacturers SIPA and SIAPI, and have the capacity of 7500 bottles/h for 2l PET packaging and 9000 bottles/h for 0.5l PET packaging.

Constant investments also reflect how successfully the company has been operating for almost two decades. The company strives to progress in the product capacity and quality spheres, with the goal of increasing its competitiveness on both the domestic and foreign markets.