Zaposlenje bahus na eks

BAHUS LLC has over 130 employees today. Their expertise and work ethic are the driving force in the development of the company. 

In accordance with that, employees have all the rights guaranteed to them by the laws in this country, as well as any other country that BAHUS operates in. Team spirit is maintained through mutual respect and an open relationship.

Besides the fact that the way BAHUS operates sets an example for other domestic companies, it also actively encourages the development and specialization of current employees, as well as the employment of young new people.

Applications are always open for different professions. If you want to become part of our company feel free to send us your CV to the following e-mail: hr_posao@naeks.co.rs

Current job opportunities at Bahus

There are currently no open positions at Bahus. Please send us your CV so that we can contact you as soon as the first position that fits your competencies becomes available.

Besides employment, we offer high school and college students, as well as other young people ready to gain new experiences in successful domestic companies different types of internships. Send us your CV and interests to the following e-mail: hr_praksa@naeks.co.rs

Current internship opportunities

There are currently no active internship opportunities. Please e-mail us, so that we can add you to our database.