Bahus today

Today, Bahus is one of the leading national companies in the production of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. Constant investments in technology ensure a high level of product quality. This fact is supported by the possession of SRPS ISO 9001:2008 certificate. All this ensures market competitiveness, both in Serbia and in the region.

Distribution network has been developing concurrently with the development of the company. Even 95% of products are transported to end consumers by the company’s own vehicles. In its vehicle fleet Bahus has light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. Thanks to many years of experience, the company has established an efficient model of transportation, so that now BAHUS can deliver several hundred tons of goods to its consumers in one day.

Keeping pace with the latest technology constitutes an integral part of the Bachus company development process. In the period from 2012 to present, most of the machines have been completely replaced in order to increase the production capacity and quality of products. The machines purchased by the company come from reputable companies specialized in and generally recognized worldwide for the manufacture of machinery intended for the production of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. The largest part of machines belongs to the brands such as the German KHS and KRONES.

Today, Bahus company owns office premises at two addresses, with total surface area exceeding 7,300 square meters. BAHUS employs more than 130 skilled workers, who account for one of the main factors of company’s constant development.

The registered seat of the company is in Striža, Striško naselje bb, where the production facility is located. Administrative premises and a warehouse of finished goods and raw materials are located at the address Vidovdanska Street No. 6 in Paraćin.

Due to the fact that Paraćin is located on Corridor 10, the location is extremely convenient for all types of distribution, from delivery of raw materials to the sale of finished products, which significantly affects the price and speed of transportation. 


Bahus company brands

Na eks logo

In 2004 the company adopted “Na eks” as its brand name. This brand soon became generally known and it marked the start of development of a new era of the company Bahus. Both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages are produced within the scope of brand name “Na eks”, including the fruit juice beverages and ice-tea. The products belonging to the range of this brand are intended for consumers of all ages. 


Cokić Na eksić” appeared in the Serbian market in 2012. It is intended for the youngest population and is available in banana, blueberry and multivitamin flavours. Fruit-flavoured juice comes with a gift eraser, bouncing ball or a pencil. From the moment it appeared it was absolutely obvious that “Cokić na eksić” would be very popular in the Serbian and in the regional markets. 


Vita vita logo

VitaVita” vitamin instant drink is the first drink of this kind produced in Serbia. High technology used in the preparation of this product resulted in a very quality product which has been recognized by consumers. “VitaVita” contains ten vitamins required for normal functioning of human body. Captain Orange and Captain Lemon are the endorsers of orange-flavoured and lemon-flavoured “VitaVita”. 


After party logo

After party” represents a complete novelty in the national market, both in terms of composition and it terms of the way its intake affects the body. It is recommended in moments of great efforts and in moments when the body is exposed to dehydration. A drink against hangover, as it often called, was given that name due to the high contents of vitamin C, but also due to the contents of beta-glucan, which can modulate the immune system.


excess logo

Excess” is an energy drink available in two flavours. The production of this drink began in 2007. In addition to the original flavour, there is also the lemon flavour. This energy drink is available in PET packaging of 0.75l and 0.33l, as well as in cans of 0.25l.