Bahus Company


The main production program of the company BAHUS doo includes:

  • Production of carbonated refreshing non-alcoholic drinks in PET containers
  • Production of non-carbonated refreshing non-alcoholic drinks with fruit contents in PET containers
  • Production of pulp, cloudy and clear fruit juices in doypack packaging
  • Production of PET containers
  • Production of powders for refreshing non-alcoholic drinks
  • Production of dietary vitamin instant drinks

Today BAHUS Company covers the entire market of Serbia and is one of the major producers of soft drinks and fruit juices with a recognizable brand NaEKS.


An independent workshop BAHUS was founded in August 1991 as a small workshop for the production of carbonated soft drinks in glass bottles of one liter. Nineties saw the extensive into the construction of a new business space and the modernization of production, so that in 1991 the independent workshop BAHUS moved to the industrial zone in Striško naselje into the business space od 3.200 m2.

Towards the end of nineties, the production range was expanded and the leading position in the regional market of soft drinks was ensured. Investments into equipment for the production of PET containers for own purposes account for a significant impulse to further growth. Continuing modernization and increase in the scope of production was followed by the conquest of the new markets, accompanied by significant investments into sales. In April 2006, a company BAHUS doo Paraćin was established as a legal successor of the independent workshop BAHUS.

In the same year, BAHUS doo introduced the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of JUS ISO 9001:2001 standard and producy security management in accordance with the requirements of the HACCP system. In June 2007 modernization of the product design was performed, which gave a significant impulse to further growth in sales. Since December 2007, BAHUS has been expanding its distribution network and has been present in all parts of Serbia. For more efficient delivery of our products to end users in parts of Serbia, distribution centers in Belgrade and Vrbas have been established. In 2010, following the initiative of major retail chains for which the company has been offering the services of production and bottling of private brands, IFS standard was implemented ih BAHUS doo.

In 2012 BAHUS invested into new equipment for the bottling of beverages (bottler and premix) witch resulted in increased capacity, reduction in finished products waste and ensuring the better quality and safer products.

In 2012 BAHUS expanded its capacities by procurement of new line for the production of dietary vitamin instant drinks.

BAHUS doo owns a business space with total surface area od 7.319 m2 in two locations. The company is based in Striža, Striško naselje bb. The production capacities are based at this location. Detached business unit in Vidovdanska Street no. 6 is the location of werehouse for finished products and raw materials, administrative premises and a parking space for the vehicle fleet. The location is suitable for all kinds of manipulations, from procurement of raw material to the sale of finished products. It should be mentioned that Paraćin is located on Coridor 10, witch facilitates the transportation and reduces the costs of transport.

BAHUS doo employs 153 workers whose competence and motivation represent an important factor in the company development.

Medals for the quality of products awarded at the NOVI SAD FAIR as well as the gold medal for Design awarded at the Novi Sad Fair in 2012 account for the confirmation of quality and innovation of our products.


Factory for the production if refreshing non-alcoholic drinks and fruit nectars BAHUS doo has five production lines:

1. Line for the production of carbonated refreshing non-alcoholic drinks (17 400 l/h)
2. Line for production of non-carbonated refreshing non-alcoholic drinks (19 000 l/h)
3.Line for the production of fruit nectar and refreshing non-alcoholic drinks in doypack packaging
4. Line for production of powder for refreshing non-alcoholic drinks
5. Line for production of dietary vitamin instant drinks.